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Your gift with Campo Marzio

Campo Marzio is the ideal solution for your on-line gifts, both for personal and corporate needs, with further options for specific customization of the products. The unmistakable Italian design of Campo Marzio’s products matches perfectly with its original packaging solutions, providing a brand experience which turns into a fashion game, with a charming outlook which is also surprisingly affordable. Every gift turns into a unique and exclusive experience, through our boutiques or our on-line store. Just like in our shops you will have the possibility to customize your gift through a wide selection of brilliantly colored boxes, gift cards and ribbons, decorative tissue completed by the typical Campo Marzio signature, the orange beribboned shopping bag.

The custom made packaging and the great care and attention we put in every detail will turn your gift with Campo Marzio into an unforgettable and unique moment. All this is made more precious by the possibility of sending on-line – together with the gift – a personalized gift card with your unique text, as if you were actually buying in a real Campo Marzio store!

Being it a present for someone special or just something for yourself, Campo Marzio gifts are like romantic and ironic tales that instantly take you and your beloved ones to a magical world. With a vast array of warm and brilliant colors and a mix of different materials, Campo Marzio gifts transform the joy of giving into an unique and unforgettable experience, perfect for everyone and for every occasion.



Campo Marzio retail spaces are multi sensory experience places: emotional and fun environments in which to indulge in a world of bright colors and shades that have been always representing Campo Marzio’s distinctive character.

The hallmark of Campo Marzio retail concept is immediately recognizable as that of the products themselves, with their strong color contrasts and seducing hues that are the principal decorative feature of the store. Thanks to the impressive color range and stylish display units, little else is needed to embellish the look of the store. Consequently, fit-out, visual merchandising and window dressing costs are minimal.



South Africa